Photographer, director and cinematographer based in Arizona.

The desert is a constant source of inspiration for me. Over the last three years, I’ve photographed it almost every day, tracking the subtly changing seasons.
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As the child of two architects, it’s no wonder I’ve always been obsessed with buildings. This is a selection of commissioned work for various studios, builders, private clients and the occasional magazine.
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Travel stories are some of my favorite assignments, as they give me the same opportunity I want to give the audience: to explore a destination with fresh eyes. This recent feature in the Pacific Northwest is a perfect example. Images shot at Aro Ha.
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Award-winning photographer, director and cinematographer based in Tuscon, AZ.

As a member of Tucson’s small but vibrant creative community, I think I bring a different perspective to my work. Whether I’m photographing the exceptional landscapes of the Southwestern desert, directing television commercials or setting the look for independent films, I always strive to put the story first.
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Award-winning photographer, director and cinematographer based in Arizona.
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